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Thermo Form pillow

The pressure relieving pillow for those who wants a good night´s sleep. 

The Thermo Form pillow is constructed as a two-layer pillow with a base of polyethylene foam which is glued to the Thermo Form foam. This stabilizes the pillow and increases the carrying capacity. The pillow softens and adapts the figure of your body and it turns harder in low temperatures. 

The Thermo Form is constructed with two hights and generally it is the highest end which should be put under the neck. 

The Thermo Form comes in two sizes. Width and length is the same but the hight varies. 
The medium size is 8 cm high in one end and 11 cm in the other end. 
The large size is 10 cm high in one end and 14 cm in the other end. 

The Thermo Form must not be washed, beaten or folded and must be kept dry. Clean it with a damp cloth or aired. The cover can be washed at 60 degrees.

The price does noet include postage. 




Price : 499 DKK


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